Hashtags for Likes Strategies 

hashtags for likesHashtags for likes is one of the easiest ways to get more followers on Instagram, and learning how to use the right ones means more people will discover your content.

So, which hashtags should you use? There are a few main, effective strategies you can try. It’ll take a little research on your part, but you’ll definitely be impressed with the results.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

The first strategy to try is using popular or trending hashtags. These tags get searched the most. The best part about using this type of tag is that you know thousands of people are searching for them. But what’s the bad part? Well, because so many people are searching for a specific tag it can be more difficult for your posts to get noticed.

Another easy to do strategy is finding tags that are commonly used to get follows and likes. Using these tags will generally result in getting more followers and it can also be a good way to reach a wider audience.

The last commonly used strategy for hashtags is determining specific tags that will reach your targeted audience. This type of tag is one that will most commonly be searched for in your niche and will be the one that will really target your audience.

Examples of Popular Hashtags on Instagram

Here are some of the most popular hashtags used by thousands of people every day on Instagram.  If you’re looking for a somewhat generic or general tag for your post, these tags are guaranteed to get you noticed. Just keep in mind that there are always new tags trending, so while one tag may have been trending last week, it may not get you many followers this week.

The tag instagood has been used more than five million times, while the photooftheday tag has been used four million.  Throwbackthursday is a tag that remains hot every Thursday and it’s been used for more than three million posts. Flashbackfriday is another popular tag that’s used weekly and it’s been added to more than four million posts all over the world. Selfie is one of the most commonly used hashtags and it has been used more than six million times.

There are some top hashtags on Instagram that have remained popular throughout the years and if you know how to use them properly, these tags can definitely help you to attract new followers and engage with your existing followers.

Regram is a tag that should be used when you’re posting something that was already posted by another user. This is a nice way to engage with specific followers and a good way to make them feel like they’re part of your brand. When you use this tag, make sure you give the original person who posted it credit. And always ask the original poster for permission before using the image.

Latergram is a hashtag that can be used when you’re posting an older image. Currently, there are more than thirty million posts that use this hashtag. It’s a great way to scoop up some new followers while also making use of those old images you totally forgot about or didn’t have a chance to use.

The nofilter hashtag is used when someone doesn’t add one of the popular Instagram filters to their image. This is a good tag if you’re posting about your brand in a beautiful, natural setting. It’s also one of the most popular tags used to date with almost more than a hundred million posts.

When the Quality of Your Followers Matters on IG

how to use hashtagsIf you’re looking more for quality than a huge following, there are a few tools you can try that can help you to use industry specific tags.

Hashtagify is a company that can help you to find the top tags in your niche. They offer a free version of their program that will tell you the six top hashtags for your targeted audience, so you can give those tags a try and see how effective they are at getting followers from your targeted audience.

Once you’ve found some popular hashtags to use for your targeted audience, you can use Keyhole to identify any related tags. Just go to their website and enter a hashtag and do a quick search. This is a pretty pricey service, but they offer a number of package options and a free three-day trial.

There are now a number of similar services available, all designed to help you find the best tags. Some of these services are free, but many will charge a small monthly fee or large annual fee and are perfect for businesses looking to get their name out there.

If you still have yet to establish your brand on Instagram, try using as many relevant tags as possible in your posts. If you don’t have that many followers, you can attempt to drive traffic towards your page from other social media platforms that you use that are more established. We recommend using no more than ten hashtags per post in order to avoid looking too spammy.

When you’re deciding on the tags to use, be sure to consult your list of SEO keywords. Enter each keyword into the tag search bar and see what pops up. If some of your keywords are trending or have thousands of hits, use it. Avoid using tags that aren’t relevant or active.

Now, if your brand is already established on Instagram, then it’s now time to start thinking about custom hashtags. Each custom tag you create should speak your brand, be memorable, unique and creative. The tags should also be easy to spell, catchy, and capitalized.  Now, when anyone searches for your specific brand, every post with your brand’s hashtag will pop up. This can be very handy if you sell on instagram, and consumers who have purchased items from your line have taken selfies wearing the clothes while tagging your page or tagging your brand.

Using hashtags for likes can be a great way to encourage followers to get more involved with your brand. This can help your brand to reach even more followers, while also developing a more personable relationship with your current loyal following.